With a cooling capacity of 450 cubic feet, this unit is designed to cool/heat up to a 26′ cruiser or a 28′ sailboat.

Our 5,200 BTU marine air conditioner has the smallest footprint on the market and only weighs 31.5 pounds. It is the ultimate in climate control. Don’t mistake that compact size for impaired function, however. Our unit packs the perfect punch of cool, comfortable air to keep your cabin temperate. Thanks to the expertise of our engineering and manufacturing team, even the electrical box on this unit only weighs 4.7 pounds. Stop struggling with unwieldy air conditioning units on your boat or camper!

Our 5,200 BTU marine air conditioner also has rotatable blowers and tapers into a V shape to make odd angle discharge installations a breeze. We use 4″ ducting and recommend a minimum of 2, 4″ round supply grills with this installation. This unit will run off of the new Honda EO1000i 1,000 watt portable generator while in cool mode. Another option we recommend is to use a Statpower pure sine wave 1,800 watt inverter and 450 amp hours of battery power and you can anchor out for one night.

Electric heat is not an option with this unit.



Cool = 4.4 amps
R/C = 5.5 amps

Add approximately three amps for the standard seawater pumps. Start up amperage is
calculated by running amperage multiplied by 1.8.


 L-17.0″ W-12.5″ H-12.75″

Add approximately 3″ to the dimensions, where the blowers air flow discharges.


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Keep Cool With Our M5 5,200 BTU Marine Air Conditioner

The new Honda eu1000i 1,000-watt portable generator can power our 5,200 BTU marine air conditioner while in cool mode.  You can also use a Statpower 1,800-watt inverter with 450+ amp hours of battery power to anchor out for one night.  In fact, we’ve successfully operated our 5,200 BTU marine air conditioner low with an inverter as low as 1,000 Watt Inverter with only 400 amp hours of battery power. We recommend a higher wattage inverter and increased battery power for longer run times, however.

This unit is specifically tailored for air cooling and does not offer electric heat. Its compact size is perfect for difficult installations in small spaces but can certainly handle cooling the air on cruisers up to 26′ and sailboats up to 28′ with ease. Because of the rotatable blower, no air discharge option is needed.

Every M5 5,200 BTU marine air conditioner includes your choice of digital thermostat. Please note the pump is not included and must be purchased separately.


All Mermaid Marine Air Conditioning Systems (excluding pumps) Medi-Kool (excluding the compressor) and Dehumidifiers carry a 5 year limited warranty. All pumps, Medi-Kool compressors, thermostats, and Remote Refrigeration Units carry a limited 1 year warranty.