Danner MPS 500 Marine Air Conditioner Pump for Fresh or Salt Water

Features a magnetic impeller assembly and an epoxy encased power unit. Contains no oil ,and has no seals to wear. The only serviceable part is the impeller ,which can be easily cleaned.

  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Ceramic shaft
  • Operates submerged or inline
  • For use in fresh or saltwater
  • UL/CUL certified
  • Includes mounting bracket and fittings

Dimensions: 5” long x 3.8” wide x 5.25” high

Hose barb fittings: 3/4” inlet, 5/8” outlet

Power: 120 volts (220 volt unit also available)



Power Rating: 1/15 HP
Equivalent Pressure: 7.5 PSI
Maximum Head: 17.3 Feet
FNPT Inlet: 1/2 Inch
MNPT Outlet: 1/2 Inch
Full Load Amps: 3.2
L 7 in x H 5.5 in x W 4.5 in


Water Flow @ 1 Foot of Head 500 GPH
Water Flow @ 3 Feet of Head 435 GPH
Water Flow @ 5 Feet of Head 337 GPH
Water Flow @ 9 Feet of Head 255 GPH
Water Flow @ 11 Feet of Head 255 GPH
Water Flow @ 13 Feet of Head 163 GPH

Installation, Service, and Warranty

You can hire an authorized service technician to install the Marine water pump, but it is so easy to put in that over half of our customers install it themselves. If you choose the DIY route, remember that you can always call us for help along the way.

All FMMS products are designed and manufactured in-house by our skilled engineers and technicians. We sell between 230-260 Marine air conditioner pumps every year to a wide variety of people for a wider variety of vessels. Let us welcome you to the FMMS family today.

(Please note that failure to comply with these parameters will void any and all warranties on both the pump and air conditioning unit. )


All FMMS Marine Air Conditioning Systems (excluding pumps)  Medi-Kool (excluding the compressor) and Dehumidifiers carry a 5 year limited warranty. All pumps, Medi-Kool compressors, thermostats, and Remote Refrigeration Units carry a limited 1 year warranty.