In the past, air conditioner manufacturer’s thermostats were limited and proprietary.  Things have changed!  We have embraced a more open architecture.  Now, any 24 Volt, 4 wire or 5 wire electronic thermostat can control our units.  With the modifications we have made to our electrical box circuitry, your options are almost limitless. With the changes coming so fast in electronics, we have decided to allow you as many options as you wish.  We have tested a variety of the new electronic offerings on the market today and have yet to find a unit incompatible with our marine air conditioners.  We do not plan to sell or service these new electronic thermostats.  They are available in an infinite number of options and marketplaces, Amazon, etc.  We only insure they are compatible.  We have tested multiple offerings from “NEST”, “APRILAIRE”, “LUX” , “EMERSON”, “ECOBEE” , and many others.  All are excellent products!

Select the model with the options important to you, WIFI, Dehumidification, Smart programable, Etc.

Most of our older air conditioner models can be retrofitted to accept 5-wire controls. You can call our technical department, and send your electrical box to us. The charge to rewire the electrical box will be a flat $50.00 and return freight. Pre 2000 models are hard wired to the unit and can be quoted on a case-by-case basis. Yes, we do have many 1999 and older units still operational in the field. Your current 4-wire thermostat cable may need to be upgraded to a 5-wire thermostat cable. The cost will be dependent upon the length you will need.


Download all the documents you might need for our marine products, including schematics for all of our air conditioning units, as well as an installation guide and a full marine product catalog.