Now With a 5 Year Warranty!

Experience the Dry-Pal (™) difference! It is compact but powerful and full of features to keep you comfortable. It is perfect for use in any small space between 250 and 350 cubic feet. This includes campers, cabins, boats, or even small rooms. We offer 110v and 220v options in both vertical and horizontal orientations to suit your needs. These units have a power consumption of 3.5 amps on the 110v and 1.75 amps for the 220v version.

If the space you need to cover is larger than 350 cubic feet check out our Dry-Pal XL (™) or you can use additional units in conjunction with each other. The Dry-Pal (™) stand-alone marine dehumidifier is easy to use as it features ‘set it and forget it’ technology. One Dry-Pal (™) can create 12 pints of condensation utilizing a formula of 80 degrees F at 60% relative humidity.

For extremely cold conditions we now offer a Defrost option. This upgrade ensures your dehumidifier will continue to work efficiently in temperatures dropping below 50 degrees. Ask about upgrading your dehumidifier today!



385 watts (3.5 amps) on 115v.
1.75 amps on 220v


Horizontal Configuration:

L – 15″ W – 13″ H – 10″

Vertical Configuration:

L – 18″ W – 8.2″ H – 14.2″


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Feel The Difference in Comfort with Dry-Pal™ Marine Dehumidifiers

Our Dry-Pal (™) marine dehumidifiers are made of high-quality, 304-18 gauge polished stainless steel. We stand behind the construction of our products and each marine dehumidifier comes with a 5 year warranty. Non-skid rubber feet are installed on each unit to protect your countertops or tables.  The ideal location for the unit is in an area with free, unrestricted air flow that is near a drain. These units drain through an overboard thru-hull or a sump pump and every unit comes with 6 feet of clear ½ condensation hose.

Don’t let moisture ruin your investment or your enjoyment. Call to order a Dry-Pal Marine Dehumidifier today.


All FMMS Marine Air Conditioning Systems (excluding pumps) Medi-Kool (excluding the compressor) and Dehumidifiers carry a 5 year limited warranty. All pumps, Medi-Kool compressors, thermostats, and Remote Refrigeration Units carry a limited 1 year warranty.