Maintenance of your Medi-Kool products is essential to keep your unit running as long and as efficient as possible. Review our guidelines and frequently asked questions below for more information. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us to speak with our Medi-Kool technicians.

General Maintenance Guidelines

We recommend a general wipe down of our units before/during every shift change in each First Responder Vehicle (Ambulances, Fire Trucks, Chief SUV’s, etc.) although our units are made from stainless steel, sterilization and cleanliness is still important.

WD40 or any other non-abrasive stainless cleaner will work just fine – don’t forget the gray gasket around the fridge (after you open the door)  If it cannot be performed at every shift change, then it should at least be done once a week and whenever vehicle is in for maintenance.

Understand that our product is made from stainless steel and runs off of ambient (+40/-40) degrees based on the temperature inside or outside the vehicle (and depending on where it is installed, which is up to your spec, re-mount and/or available space).

During hotter, more humid months, we have seen more condensation build around the doors and have been in the R&D phases for a solution – this also depends on how often the vehicle is used (factors such as:  your location, opening/closing of vehicle door, where unit is installed on the vehicle).  Right now, we are asking the unit to be wiped down with a cloth (washcloth works) if condensation builds on the outside door.

Our factory is located in hot and humid Fort Myers, Florida – we feel we are in a very good place to test our units – ask our staff about “206” if you ever call.  All of our immediate and surrounding counties have our units and they work perfectly (to our knowledge as of 07/2014).

Frequently Asked Questions About Maintenance

Q: How to stop rust from the locks?

The rust isn’t able to be stopped, but with a wipe and a swipe of WD40 every now and then, it will keep your cabinet nice and shiny and will help prevent rusting.

Q: How do you stop condensation?

There is no way to stop condensation of the cabinet if it is being kept cold unless the cabinet itself is in a cold environment. When the cabinet is in a temperature higher than the inside of the cabinet, condensation will naturally occur. This is why we recommend that the cabinet be wiped down during every shift change.

Q: Do you offer any kind of maintenance package or extended warranty?

At this time, there is no extended warranty. Also, the maintenance package is technically included in our warranty.


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