Ventilation is the most important thing about installing a Medi-Kool unit!

We get many phone calls of cabinets not working all due to improper venting. With no air the compressor will fail and cause cabinet failure, so it is very important that installers understand our venting requirements.

Ventilation Requirements

  • We ask that a minimum of 36 square inches of space be available for the compressor to breathe.
  • Outside venting is always the first preferred method, but we realize this is not possible in all vehicle builds and/or scenarios.
  • If you are installing one of our Dual Temp Units—double the amount of space because you are utilizing TWO compressors.
  • In a cabinet style setting, good case scenarios, one must ensure that the compressor has a big enough vent to be able to pull air in and push air out. The larger the unit and install size, fans are most likely best option to ensure air flow (which require a separate 12V source).
  • We recommend using a 100 CFM fan or better when installing a vent fan.
  • FMMS can provide several different fans and vent sizes to our customers at an additional charge.
  • We understand that every builder is unique and no vent space is exactly the same (unless your entire fleet is being built at the same spec).

Frequently Asked Questions About Ventilation

Q: Does it have to be vented?

A: Yes, this is required for all of our units.

Q: Can we use a vent fan to help with airflow?

A: Yes, and we recommend this!

Q: Can we attach the vent fan to the module and use the Medi-Kool compressor to run the fan?

A: Absolutely not. Each fan will need it’s OWN separate 12V source, NOT one shared with the cabinet. This will result in failure.

Q: What size fan can I use?

A: Anything less than 36 square inches of space requires a vent fan. The smaller the space, the bigger the fan. These can be purchased through Mermaid or they can be bought anywhere that sells these types of fans.

Q: Which direction should I make the air flow?

A: The hot air should be pulled out of the cabinet space and blown into the cab area. Outside venting is the best option if possible, instead of pushing hot air into the ambulance, etc.

Best Ventilation Example
Better Ventilation ExampleVenting.2
Good Ventilation ExampleVenting.3


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